no pas, faux sushi

I love making desserts for other people. Who doesn’t? You get to spend lots of time making high calorie, sugar laden treats, taste them and then have them not haunt you from the fridge all night. Seriously, when I’m trying to get to sleep at night if there’s one slice of pumpkin pie left, it’s not making it till dawn.

Even if you have better restraint then I (and I’m assuming that the general population might) you’ll still love making these awesome sushi. I’m not really a fish lover, I do enjoy a nice avocado roll but I happen to know a lot of people that enjoy lumps of raw fish. Go figure. So when one of those odd people happened to have a birthday I thought I’d have a little fun.

When I cast my net to find a way to create some kind of sushi cookie or cake I hauled in some live ‘uns (please, you’re just lucky you weren’t in the kitchen actually making the sushi, there were plenty more like this). There was this one. which was amazing for inspiration, I was drooling over their beautiful faux roe, but frankly it was a bit pricey, and I was set on doing this myself. Snazzy Not Martha had given it a go, but I wasn’t so keen on using already made cake. This one, too fussy, this one awesome but again with the hostess cakes. I was turing into a modern faux sushi hunting goldilocks.

When I finally said ‘screw it’, I’m just gonna wing this. Cut to me grabbing every colorful candy I could find in the supermarket, chocolate, Swedish fish, fruit roll ups, fruit leather, my god it was a sugar coma waiting to happen. I decided to use rice crispy treats as my base because I liked the idea it being a play on rice. Ta da, adorable, awesome faux sushi.

My advice, don’t mind the burn, work fast and just go for it. And for the love of pete, make sure you give some of them away, I don’t want to be responsible for your sugar medical emergency.

Faux Sushi:

6 cups puffed rice cereal

2 cups mini marshmallows

Assorted candies- Swedish fish, ju ju bees, melted dark chocolate, decorating gel, crushed jimmies, black sanding sugar–whatever you can dream up.

How To:

Make up a batch of rice crispies treats, making sure to butter you hands and have some sort of mold ready to press the mixture in to. I used a small metal measuring cup and then pressed some in a pan to make the rectangle shapes.

Pop them in the fridge  before you start decorating, it makes them so much easier to work with. I coated the top of each rice treat with melted marshmallow and stuck the candy to that. I coated the outside of some with dark chocolate and the others with crushed jimmies. I used kitchen scissors to cut up the Swedish fish but hey if you think of it there are sites online that sell candy shrimp, and different shaped fish.

Make sure you store them in the fridge!


2 Responses to “no pas, faux sushi”

  1. Cute idea and I know how good the lavendar chicken is!!

  2. HAHA, I do the same exact thing when there is one piece of pie/cake/whatever left in the fridge. I toss and turn thinking about it and then I just bolt out of bed and wolf it down, so I can finally rest in peace!

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